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par Alexandre MARTIN - 2 avril 2010

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Année 2015

S. Tahéri, L. Vincent, J.-C. Le-Roux, Classification of metallic alloys for fatigue damage accumulation : a conservative model under strain control for 304 stainless steels, International Journal of Fatigue, 70:73-84, 2015.

A. Martin, J.B. Esnault, P. Massin, About the use of standard integration schemes for X-FEM in solid mechanics plasticity, CMAME, Volume 283, Pages 551-572, 2015.

S. Hazar, W. Zaki, Z. Moumni, G. Anlas, Modeling of steady-state crack growth in shape memory alloys using a stationary method, International Journal of Plasticity, 67, 26-38, 2015.

S. Andrieux, The Reciprocity Likelihood Maximization : a variational approach of the Reciprocity Gap method, accepted to, J. of Mechanics of Materials and Solids, Special issue in honor of HD. Bui

R. de La Vaissière, P. Gerard, J.P. Radu, R. Charlier, F. Collin, S. Granet, J. Talandier, M. Piedevache, B. Helmlinger, Gas injection test in the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone : data analysis and numerical modelling, accepted à, Geological Society Special Publication series.

Y. Jus, E. Longatte, J.C. Chassaing, P. Sagaut, Low-mass-damping Vortex-Induced Vibrations of a single cylinder at moderate Reynolds number, accepted à, Journal of Pressure and Vessel Technology.

D. Al Akhrass, S. Drapier, J. Bruchon and S. Fayolle, Integrating a logarithmic-strain based hyperelastic formulation into a three-field mixed finite elemnt formulation to deal with incompressibility in finite-strain elastoplasticity, accepted à, Finite Elements in Analysis and Design.

L. Peletan, S. Baguet, M. Torkhani, G. Jacquet-Richardet, Quasi-periodic harmonic balance method for rubbing self-induced vibrations in rotor–stator dynamics, accepted à, Nonlinear Dynamics, DOI 10.1007/s11071-014-1606-8.

S. Raude, F.Laigle, R.Giot, R.Fernandes, A unified thermo-plastic/viscoplastic constitutive model for geometarials, accepted à, Acta Geotechnica.

W. H. Woodward, S. Utyuzhnikov, P. Massin, On the Application of the Method of Difference Potentials to Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics, accepted à, IJNME.

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Année 2014

V. Faucher, Advanced parallel strategy for strongly coupled fast transient fluid-structure dynamics with dual management of kinematic constraints, Advances in Engineering Software, 67:70-89, 2014.

V. Faucher, F. Crouzet, F. Debaud, Mechanical consequences of LOCA in PWR : full scale coupled 1D/3D simulations with fluid-structure, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 270 : 359-378, 2014.

T.N. Baranger, S. Andrieux, R. Rischette, Combined energy method and regularization to solve the Cauchy Problem for the heat equation, Inverse Problems in Sciences and Engineering, 22(1):199-212, 2014.

S. Ziada, P. Lafon, Flow-excited acoustic resonance excitation mechanism, design guidelines and counter measures, Applied Mechanics Reviews (ASME), Vol. 66, Issue 1, 22 pages, doi:10.1115/1.4025788, 2014.

F. Daude, P. Galon, Z. Gao, E. Blaud, Numerical experiments using a HLLC-type scheme with ALE formulation for compressible two-phase flows five-aquation models with phase transition, Computers & Fluids, 94:112-138, 2014.

F. Poirion, I. Zentner, Stochastic model construction of observed random phenomena, Probabilistic EngineeringMechanics, 36:63–71, 2014.

J-B. Esnault, V. Doquet, P. Massin, A three-dimensional analysis of fatigue crack paths in thin metallic sheets, International Journal of Fatigue, 62:119-132, 2014.

G. Ferté, P. Massin, N. Moës, Convergence analysis of linear or quadratic X-FEM for curved free boundaries, 278:794–827, CMAME, 2014.

G. Ferté, P. Massin, N. Moës, Interface problems with linear or quadratic X-FEM : design of a stable multiplier space and error analysis, IJNME, Vol. 100, Issue 11, pages 834–870, 2014.

I. Zentner, A procedure for simulating synthetic accelerograms compatible with correlated and conditional probabilistic response spectra, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 63:226–233, 2014.

E. Longatte, F. Baj, Physical investigation of square cylinder array dynamical response under single-phase cross-flow, Journal of fluids and structures, 47, 86-98, 2014.

V. Shinde, T. Marcel, Y. Hoarau, T. Deloze, G. Harran, F. Baj, J. Cardolaccia, J.P. Magnaud, E. Longatte, M. Braza, Numerical simulation of the fluid-structure interaction in a tube array under cross flow at moderate and high Reynolds number, Journal of Fluid and Structures, 47, 99-113, 2014.

N. Valoroso, G. Debruyne, J. Laverne, A cohesive zone model with rate-sensitivity for fast crack propagation, Mechanics Research Communications, 58:82-87, 2014,

B.-M. Lei, V.-X. Tran, S. Tahéri, L. Wan, Y. Zhou, Effects of biaxial mean stress on the critical plane orientation under biaxial tension/compression fatigue loading conditions, International Journal of Fatigue, 66:194–206, 2014.

B.-M. Lei, V.-X. Tran, S. Tahéri, L. Wan, Y. Zhou, An analytical study on cracking directions and damage in thermal fatigue crazing subjected to variable amplitude loadings, Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 49, Issue 16, pp. 5546-5563, DOI 10.1007/s10853-014-8249-5, 2014.

L. Divaret, O. Cadot, P. Moussou, O. Doaré, Normal forces exerted upon a long cylinder oscillating in an axial flow, 752:649-669, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, DOI 10.1017/jfm.2014.342.

T.-H. Pham, V.-X. Tran, G. Chretien, C. Gardin, C. Sarrazin-Baudoux, J. Petit, Near-threshold fatigue propagation of physically through-thickness short and long cracks in a low alloy steel, Journal of Materials Science, DOI 10.1007/s10853-014-8582-8, 2014.

L. Jason, B. Masson, Comparison between continuous and localized methods to evaluate the flow rate through containment concrete structures, Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 277, pp. 146-153, 2014.

I. Zentner, E. Borgonovo, Construction of variance-based metamodels for probabilistic seismic analysis and fragility assessment, Georisk 8:3, 202-216, 2014.

A.-T. Dau, I. Nistor, A. Gavrus, Numerical Analysis concerning the harmfulness of crack turbine rotors using a multi-scale approach based on a dynamic finite element method, Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 656, pp. 315-324, 2014.

R. Abdelmoula, G. Debruyne, Dynamic crack growth and arrest in a DCB specimen using a modal decomposition for a material with Homogeneous fracture and heterogeneous properties, International Journal of Fracture, Vol. 188:187–202, 2014.

L. Divaret, P. Moussou, Julien Berland, Hassan Berro, Olivier Cadot, Olivier Doaré, Forces exerted on a cylinder in near-axial flow, J. Pressure Vessel Technol.., 136(5):051306-051306-6, 2014.

V. Faucher, P. Galon, A. Beccantini, F. Crouzet, F. Debaud, T. Gautier, Hybrid parallel strategy for the simulation of fast transient accidental situations at reactor scale, Annals of Nuclear Energy, In Press, available online 22 August 2014

C. Touzé, M. Vidrascu and D. Chapelle, Direct finite element computation of non-linear modal coupling coefficients for reduced-order shell models, Computational Mechanics, vol. 54(2), 567-580, 2014.

M. Ducceschi, O. Cadot, C. Touzé and S. Bilbao, Dynamics of the wave turbulence spectrum in vibrating plates : A numerical investigation using a conservative finite difference scheme, Physica D, vol. 280-281, 73-85, 2014.

M. Ducceschi, C. Touzé, S. Bilbao and C.J. Webb, Nonlinear dynamics of rectangular plates : investigation of modal interaction in free and forced vibrations, Acta Mechanica, vol. 225(1), 213-232, 2014.

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M. Grandemange, D. Ricot, C. Vartanian, T. Ruiz, O. Cadot, Characterisation of the flow past real road vehicles with blunt afterbodies, International Journal of Aerodynamics, 4(1), 24-42, 2014.

Z. Moumni, W. Zaki, Q.S. Nguyen, W. Zhang, Modeling of materials capable of solid-solid phase transformation. Application to the analytical solution of the semi-infinite mode III crack problem in a phase-changing solid, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 2014.

X. Chen, Z. Moumni, Y. He, W. Zhang, A three-dimensional model of magneto-mechanical behaviors of martensite reorientation in ferromagnetic shape memory alloys, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 64, 249-286, 2014.

X. Gu, W. Zaki, C. Morin, Z. Moumni, W. Zhang, Time Integration and Assessment of a Model for Shape Memory Alloys Considering Multiaxial Nonproportional Loading Cases, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 2014.

H. Yin, Y. He, Q. Sun, Effect of deformation frequency on temperature and stress oscillations in cyclic phase transition of NiTi shape memory alloy, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 67, 100-128, 2014.

B. Nedjar, On finite strain poroplasticity with reversible and irreversible porosity laws : Formulation and computational aspects, Mechanics of Materials, 68, 237-252, 2014.

B. Nedjar, Plasticity-based modelling of fibre/matrix debonding in unidirectional composites, Composite Structures, 108, 41-48, 2014.

B. Nedjar, N. Kotelnikova-Weiler, I. Stefanou, Modeling of unidirectional fibre-reinforced composites under fibre damage, Mechanics Research Communications, 56, 115-122, 2014.

K. Pham, An energetic formulation of a one-dimensional model of superelastic SMA, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 1-25, 2014.

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Année 2013

E. Borgonovo, I. Zentner, A. Pellegri, S. Tarantola, E. de Rocquigny, On the importance of uncertain factors in seismic fragility assessment, Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Vol. 109, pp. 66–76, 2013.

R. Plassart , R. Fernandes, A. Giraud, D. Hoxha, F. Laigle, Hydromechanical modelling of an excavation in an underground research laboratory with an elasto-visco-plastic behaviour law and regularization by second gradient of dilation, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, vol 58, pp23-33, 2013.

A. Ghanem, M. Torkhani, N. Mahjoubi, T.N. Baranger, Arlequin framework and multi-scale/schema time integrators for structural transient dynamics, CMAME, Vol. 254, pp. 292–308, 2013.

V.-X. Tran, S. Geniaut, E. Galenne, I. Nistor, A Modal Analysis for Computation of Stress Intensity Factors under Dynamic Loading Conditions at Low Frequency using eXtended Finite Element Method, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Vol. 98, pp. 122-136, 2013.

L. Peletan, S. Baguet, M. Torkhani, G. Jacquet-Richardet, A comparison of stability computational methods for periodic solution of non linear problems with application to rotordynamics, Non Linear Dynamics, Vol. 72, n°3 , pp. 671-682, 2013.

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Année 2012

D. Clouteau, D. Broc, G. Devésa, V. Guyonvarh, P. Massin. Calculation methods to structure-soil-structure interaction (3SI) for embedded buildings : application to NUPEC tests, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Vol. 32, n°1, pp. 129-142, 2012.

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Année 2011

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Année 2010

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